Nancee Kelly Biography, Wiki, Career, Family & Many More

An American actress who is also known as Kelly Jean Van Dyke was an American actress and adult film actress. She was the daughter of the actor Jerry Van Dyke. Even after her demise, she is still in the hearts of a lot of people. Her roles in various television programs made her an integral part of the industry. 

Nancee Kelly Biography

NAMEKelly Jean Van Dyke
NICKNAMENancee Kelly
PROFESSIONAdult actress
BIRTHDATE5th June,1958
BIRTHPLACEUnited States of America
HOMETOWNDanville, Illinois
RESIDENCEUnited States of America
FATHER Jerry Van Dyke 
MOTHER Carol Johnson
BROTHERRobert Dyke 
SISTERJerri Van Dyke
HAIR COLORDark brown 
Spouse/Ex Jack Nance and Jeffrey Archer
DEATH 17TH November,1991
CAUSE OF DEATH Suicide and Drug abuse
HOBBIES Acting and performing

Early Life

The famous American actress, Nancee Kelly was born in the small city of Danville, Illinois in the United States of America. Her father, Jerry Van Dyke was also a famous actor and musician and Carol Van Dyke was her mother. While Kelly Jean Van Dyke is her real name, she goes with Nancee Kelly as her stage name. Apart from her parents, she has an elder sister Jerri Lynn Dyke and a brother Ronald Dyke who she later grew up with. She also has a niece Dick van Dyke who is a legendary actor.  

Nancee Kelly Biography

Nancee was born on 5th June 1958 and passed away at an early age on 17th November 1991. She was only 34 years old when she left the world.  Her zodiac sign was Gemini. The late actress was not only known for her talent but also her beauty. She had curly blonde hair and stunning brown eyes that could appeal to anyone. When she was in her prime, she was the life of many television shows. 

Personal Details

Nancee Kelly was married to Jack Nance, the late American actor. However, their married life didn’t last long. The couple tied the knot on 21st June 1991 and a few months into marriage she was found dead in her own apartment. Apparently, she committed suicide by hanging herself in her own apartment room on 17th November 1991. She was merely 33 years at the time of her death. 

Before Jack, she was married to Jeffrey Archer, not the author. However, after a few years, they chose to split and then she got married to Jack Nance.

She had an addiction to drugs and toxic substances and she frequently relied upon drugs to ease her pain into ecstasy. When her pain didn’t ease even after getting high, she chose to end her life. 

In an interview, the late actress, she had opened up about the abuses she had to face when she was a little girl. Kelly also reported that she had been raped by her own father when she was ony 12 years old. Her father Jerry van Dyke was also a sitcom actor of the 70s and was a heavy alcoholic. Coming home drunk and high, he used to beat up and assault his daughter sexually for pleasure. If this was not enough, he used to bring home his fellow friend, Robert Mitchum and asked Kelly to sexually please him. 

Addiction to Drugs and Toxic substances

After all the childhood abuse and assault, she was disturbed mentally and physically and couldn’t take the pain anymore and hence wanted a way out. This drove her to seek pleasure in drugs. At first, she consumed sleeping pills to avoid the pain and sleep. Steadily, she started taking pills a day time too and the trauma was too much for her to handle. Therefore, she consumed heavy toxic drugs to ease the pain but before she could get peace and heal herself, she ended her life. 


  1. She was married to Jeffrey Archer first and then Jack Nance in 1991. 
  2. She committed suicide by hanging herself to her own apartment room. 
  3. She was sexually abused as a child and was raped by her own father at 12 years of age. 
  4. She died at the age of 33 years old because of depression and childhood trauma. 
  5. She also performed in adult films had become an integral part of the television industry.